I was 19, with a new baby, a husband and my first official apartment. Things had changed quickly for me in a year! I was grown up....or so I thought. Living in a small college town in Ohio, I mostly walked and kept to myself. I was definitely shy back then. My younger brother and his friends already had a love for coffee. I, myself did not like the bitter taste it left in my mouth. 

After convincing me to meet them at a new local coffee shop one evening, I realized there is much more to coffee than using it as a quick "pick-me-up" in the morning. 

Walking through the door, I was immediately hit with the beautiful aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the hiss and whir of the commercial grade espresso machine, and the whistle of milk being steamed into thick froth. And of course, the sound of people laughing and talking. Some of them were taking turns reading poetry through the mic located at the back of the place. I didn't know people actually did that sort of thing! Sure, you see it in movies... but here they were, expressing themselves to complete strangers. Sharing funny, lonely, sad, joyous and even very intimate stories. 

My brother ordered me an Irish cream flavored coffee. No sugar, no cream, just the coffee. I took one sip and could immediately tell the difference from my dad's coffee at home! 

Fast forward to know. I ,of course still have a love for coffee. Even owned a brick and mortar one for a spell. But I have since learned how coffee can be used in everyday magic and for medicinal purposes. 

Now, I know this may be too "woo woo" for some of you. And that's ok. But I believe there's a little magic in all of us. Just some are more aware of it than others. There's a reason there is no such thing as a coincidence or that you have even found my little corner of the internet. 

So, have a look around, find your magical brew and let's start blending the woo with your morning brew!

The ODD Witch in glasses with sparkles selling The ODD Brew Coffee