This is the page that you check me out, see if I'm legit, if you can trust me enough to follow me or even make a purchase from me. 

I get it... The about me page is usually the first page I go to myself when checking out a new site. 

Ok, So little facts about me.

1: I am a Virgo with a rising sign of Libra and a moon in Taurus,

2: I started this business while living in a R.V. and using borrowed internet whenever I could.

3: I LOVE Lingerie. Used to own and operate an online luxury fetish lingerie site. I love anything that is luxurious, sensual and seductive. I am all about the experience and diving into it.

4: I am a huge believer in EXCELLENT Customer service. Seriously, I have been known to leave a place and never return (YES I am that Customer) if I am not treated with at least a bit of respect... not like I am a burden to be a customer

5. My sister site is The ODD Witch, where I empower change makers to get their message out to the world by designing a magical, sensual, and intentional lifestyle. Whatever that may look like for each one of us. Want to start a business? I teach you how to start and get organized to have a biz that you love! Want to have a more exciting relationship, a fulfilled one, I can help you with that too! Whatever, that dream is that you put aside, it's time to unleash it and ROAR! Check it out at theoddwitch.com

6. I have 2 dogs and a Scottish husband. Dog 1 is named Hamish McGregor and Dog 2 is named Angus McGregor.... guess who named them!

7. I am a bit of a wine snob... not intentionally. But years ago I was studying to to be a sommelier.... and I just can't stop my love of wine!

8. I spent 3 seasons as a commercial albacore tuna fisherman. (NO it's not like on wicked tuna or The Deadliest Catch). But there is something soooo very magical and lovely about being in the open ocean for 20-30 days. The ocean is by far the most seductive creature I have ever met. There is a natural rhythm to her that is hard to explain, unless you have experienced her.  No matter the weather conditions, every few moments there is a "lull" to her movement. It's simply incredible to REALLY feel her energy. 

9. I ALWAYS say I am from Earth. Basically, I grew up as a army brat....meaning all over the place. So, it's hard for me to point down exactly where I grew up. Also, I believe one day instead of saying I am from this place or that place, we will simply say I am from Earth. So, I am ahead of the game!

Now that you know some fun facts about me...onto my story and why I am here.

It took me years to feel empowered as a woman and to know that I was allowed to do so. It saddens me when I meet someone and I can just FEEL that their soul is crying and screaming at them to wake up and listen!

Or when they have a strong passion to do/be/love/ something....that thing that keeps nagging at them to do. Have you ever met someone like that before? Or maybe that someone is YOU!

If you are ready to unleash that "thing" inside you, live unapologetically YOU... then welcome. I have made it my mission to help empower to to create and live the lifestyle you crave...for you. Whatever, that may look like. Be it finally opening up that biz you always dreamed of, or maybe just waking up in the morning feeling more connected to YOU, your soul. 

Have a look around, grab a freebie or if you like, shoot me an email, let's start designing the version of you that your soul knows!